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     We Are Proud to announce new version release of our new software: The Gun's & Ammo Tracker v6 Now Available for Windows, Mac and *iOS compatable designed to be a total software solution for all your shooting sports and gun collection needs. It is an easy to use intuitive, guns, rifles, tools and ammunition management solution. This system was designed and written out of necessity by an avid gun enthusiast, former US Navy Gunners Mate Guns 1st Class (Surface Warfare) (GMG1(SW)) Armorer and Range Master.

      This system includes:

  • Weapons information page with all info for a weapon accessible at a glance.
  • Up to 5 pictures of your weapon per gun.
  • Unlimited pictures of targets shot per gun.
  • Complete Ammunition inventory, reorder, shopping and tracking plus the ability to look up UPC's (universal product codes) online. Including reconciliation and inventory program.
  • Complete weapons Maintenance and Shooting tracking integrated into the Ammunition inventory.
  • Weapons desposition program.
  • Weapons Manual storage in PDF Format Most gun manufacturers provide user manuals in PDF Format we now store the files for convience with the Gun record.
  • Save image or PDF of your receipt. (Customer suggestion) (I learned the hard way 50% of my receipts faded and unreadable). NEW
  • New browse lists "Purchased From" "Accuracy" "Rating"
  • Specialized Tool and equipment inventory.
  • Weapons value reports for insurance.
  • Intuitive user interface making it easy to keep the system updated and adds value to your collection. 
  • Automated data entry once everything is set up all you really have to use is the mouse and occasionally the keyboard.

Now On-sale for only $29.99!!!

Plus much more.

Software Manual

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*iOS requires Filemaker Go